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Western Astrology

Astrology API

AstroAPI provides you blazing fast astrological calculations. 

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What you getUnique features

AstroAPI brings you the best quality astrological webservices.
This is only a glimpse.   

All Astrological needs 

Natal Birth Chart Calculations, Solar Return, Lunar Return, Synastry and Composite Horoscope, Compatibility,  Transit Horoscope, full admin area, interpretation reports, forecasts and much more. Discover the AstroAPI.       

A dedicated interface

A clean dashboard, WYSIWYG editors, to add and/or edit your customized intro texts and interpretation reports. 

Lightning fast

Fastest API available with every feature imaginable. 

Detailed documentation 

Awesome documentation for fast and easy implementation of the AstroApi into your application or webservice.       


Want more features? The AstroApi is in every way suited to your specific needs. Contact us, we got you covered. 

Great support

We’ve got your back along the way. A team of experienced developers helps you on your way. 

Western Astrology made possible for

+ Ephemerides for every place on earth.
+ Natal Horoscope with extensive interpretation reports and chart.
+ Solar Return horoscope with interpretation reports and charts.
+ Lunar Return horoscope with interpretation reports and charts.
+ Synastry of 2 horoscopes with interpretation reports and charts for two.
+ Composite of 2 horoscopes with interpretation reports and accompying chart.
+ Transits with interpretation reports and accompying charts.
+ Compatibilty between signs.
+ Professional interpretation reports written by astrologers.
+ You are in full control - No advertisements.
+ Full European quality.
+ Can be extended suited to your needs.

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