Run in Postman

Authentication Endpoint


POST  https://api.bloom.be/api/auth

Authenticate against the AstroAPI.

General Endpoints


POST  https://api.bloom.be/api/places

Search for a place and retrieve the place_id to use in calculation of horoscopes.

POST  https://api.bloom.be/api/efemerides

Retrieve the current Ephemerides for a certain place on earth.
Zodiac Signs

GET  https://api.bloom.be/api/signs

Get the astrological Zodiac Signs (e.g. Taurus).

GET  https://api.bloom.be/api/planets

Get the astrological Planets (e.g. Jupiter).

Single Horoscope Endpoints

Zodiac Sign Compatibility

POST  https://api.bloom.be/api/signtosign

Compatibility text between 2 Zodiac Signs (e.g. Text about compatibility between Aries and Taurus)
Planet in Signs

POST  https://api.bloom.be/api/planetinsign

Generate the Planet in Signs from a person's birthdata (e.g. Sun in Taurus = Zodiac sign Taurus).
Basic Natal Horoscope

POST  https://api.bloom.be/api/natal-basic

Generate a Basic Natal Horoscope with a person's birthdata.
Full Natal Horoscope

POST  https://api.bloom.be/api/natal

Generate a Natal Horoscope with a person's birthdata.
Full Natal Horoscope PDF

POST  https://api.bloom.be/api/natal-pdf-report

Generate a Natal Horoscope PDF with a person's birthdata.
Solar Return Horoscope

POST  https://api.bloom.be/api/solarreturn

Generate a Solar Return Horoscope with a person's birthdata and a particular event (when the Sun is recurring).

Relationship Horoscope Endpoints

Synastry Horoscope

POST  https://api.bloom.be/api/synastry

Generate a Synastry Horoscope between 2 different persons' birthdata.
Composite Horoscope

POST  https://api.bloom.be/api/composite

Generate a Composite Horoscope between 2 different persons' birthdata.
Transits Horoscope

POST  https://api.bloom.be/api/transits

Generate a Transits Horoscope between a person's birthdate and an event.

Chinese Horoscope

Chinese Horoscope

POST  https://api.bloom.be/api/chinese-horo

Get the Chinese Horoscope sign and corresponding text.
Chinese Forecasts

POST  https://api.bloom.be/api/chinese-forecasts

Get the Chinese Forecasts for the year and corresponding text.

Secondary Progressions

Secondary Progressions

POST  https://api.bloom.be/api/progressions

Get the Secondary Progressions and text.


Weekly Reports

POST  https://api.bloom.be/api/weekly-reports

Get the weekly Reports for a Zodiac Sign.
Monthly Reports

POST  https://api.bloom.be/api/monthly-reports

Get the monthly Reports for a Zodiac Sign.
Yearly Reports

POST  https://api.bloom.be/api/yearly-reports

Get the yearly Reports for a Zodiac Sign.