To generate all horoscopes you must first retrieve the place_id. It represents a geographical place on earth where on the astrological calculations are based.

Basic Flow

Usually you should implement an input text field in your web application or mobile app where the end-user can input his/her birthplace. You can perform AJAX-requests to the api/places/search endpoint that will return the top 10 places closest related to the input. Then the end-user selects the place where (s)he was born from the list. The associated id is the place_id you will need to use in subsequent requests to calculate the horoscopes.

E.g. 'Pari' will return Paris, France

1. Retrieving the place_id

POST /api/places

Header Value
Accept-Encoding application/json
Content-Type application/json
Authorization Bearer [accessToken]


    "name": "Paris",
    "country_code": "FR" // Optional

Response (shortened)

(Places are ordered by population DESC)

    "data": [
            "id": 1250015082,
            "name": "Paris",
            "longitude": 2.3522,
            "latitude": 48.8566,
            "country_code": "FR",
            "admin1_code": "FR-J",
            "population": 11020000,
            "timezone": "Europe/Paris"
            "id": 1840020594,
            "name": "Paris",
            "longitude": -95.546,
            "latitude": 33.6688,
            "country_code": "US",
            "admin1_code": "US-TX",
            "population": 26010,
            "timezone": "America/Chicago"