Secondary Progressions

You can receive Secondary Progressions from the AstroAPI, how much a life has changed in days or years.

Basic Flow

To generate a Secondary Progressions from the AstroAPI, the system (your implementation) makes a POST-request to the /api/progressions endpoint with the necessary parameters. With correct parameters the AstroAPI will provide a full Progression horoscope in JSON-format + the astrological wheel image url.

Generating a Secondary Progression

POST /api/progressions

Header Value
Accept-Encoding application/json
Content-Type application/json
Authorization Bearer [accessToken]


    "name": "Matthias",
    "date": "1984-03-27",
    "time": "13:13",
    "place_id": 1528664849,
    "add_years": 2

Params explanation

Header Value
name The name of the person or event you wish to create a progression horoscope for
date The (birth)date of the person or event in format YYYY-mm-dd
time The (birth)time of the person or event in format HH:mm
place_id The (birth)place of the person or event retrieved from the /api/places request
lang The language you wish to receive the astrological interpretation texts associated with the horoscope in. Default: 'nl'
system The House system: or "p" (Placidus), "k" (Koch), "x" (Meridian House system) or "W" (Whole Sign)
add_days or add_years or add_years_till_now As the name suggests, you can add days, years or calculate it on today, expects an integer or a boolean: 1 for add_years_till_now


Example response

JSON-object Astrological naming Explanation Custom Text
profile Information about the person/event this astrological profile is about. Info about converted Birthdata to UTC, latitude/longitude, timezone -
intro Text as intro with general info about the progression horoscope. Yes
planets Planets in Signs Influence of the planets on the person/event. Calculation for each planet. *e.g. Jupiter in Aries in House 4 Yes
elements Basic Elements Strength of the different planets on the horoscope. Yes
zodiacpoints Zodiac Elements Strength Strength of the zodiac signs in the horoscope. e.g. Taurus: strength 5 Yes (for strength > 4)
housecusps House Cusps The signs on the different house cusps of the astrological chart Yes
aspects Aspects The interplanetary relations in degrees that form bonds. *e.g. 180° = Opposite aspect Yes
wheel Astrological Wheel URL to the generated Astrological wheel based on the horoscope calculation. -

Astrological wheel

"wheel": "/img/example_wheel.png"