Basic Natal Horoscope

The Natal horoscope, also known as a birth horoscope, calculates a person's unique and personal astrological report based on birthdate, birthplace and birthtime. This is the most widely used horoscope.

This basic version only requires the date and month which is more convenient but less accurate.

Basic Flow

To generate a Basic Natal Horoscope from the AstroAPI, the system (your implementation) makes a POST-request to the /api/natal-basic endpoint with the necessary parameters. With correct parameters the AstroAPI will provide a basic natal horoscope in JSON-format.

Generating a Natal Horoscope

POST /api/natal-basic

Header Value
Accept-Encoding application/json
Content-Type application/json
Authorization Bearer [accessToken]


    "name": "Matthias",
    "day": 27,
    "month": 3

Params explanation

Header Value
name The name of the person or event you wish to create a natal horoscope for
day The (birth)day of the person or event as a number (1-31)
month The (birth)month of the person or event as a number (1-12)


    "profile": {
        "name": "Matthias",
        "signId": 1,
        "signName": "Aries"
    "text": null
JSON-object Astrological naming Explanation Custom Text
profile Information about the person/event this astrological profile is about. Info about converted Birthdata to UTC, latitude/longitude, timezone -
text Personalised text about the natal horoscope. Yes