Natal Horoscope

The Natal horoscope, also known as a birth horoscope, calculates a person's unique and personal astrological report based on birthdate, birthplace and birthtime. This is the most widely used horoscope.

Basic Flow

To generate a Natal Horoscope PDF report from the AstroAPI, the system (your implementation) makes a POST-request to the /api/natal-pdf-report endpoint with the necessary parameters. With correct parameters the AstroAPI will provide a full natal horoscope in PDF format.

Generating a Natal Horoscope

GET /api/natal-pdf-report

Header Value
Accept-Encoding application/json
Content-Type application/json

Query params

    "name": "Matthias",
    "date": "1984-03-27",
    "time": "13:13",
    "place_id": 3,
    "lang": "en",
    "system": "p",
    "planets": [0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9],
    "collect_text": true,
    "showLogo": true,
    "showNotes": true,
    "showEndAstroapiPage": true,
    "translations": {
      "Name:": "Naam:",
      "Date:": "Datum:"
    "token": "your-access-token"

Example: /api/natal-pdf-report?name=Matthias&date=1984-03-27&time=13:13&place_id=3&planets[]=0&planets[]=1&planets[]=2&planets[]=3&token=your-access-token

Params explanation

Header Value
name The name of the person or event you wish to create a natal horoscope for
date The (birth)date of the person or event in format YYYY-mm-dd
time The (birth)time of the person or event in format HH:mm
place_id The (birth)place of the person or event retrieved from the /api/places request
lang The language you wish to receive the astrological interpretation texts associated with the horoscope in. Default: 'nl'
system The House system: or "p" (Placidus), "k" (Koch), "x" (Meridian House system) or "W" (Whole Sign)
planets An array of planets that need calculation (Sun = 0, Moon = 1, Mercury = 2, Venus = 3, Mars = 4, Jupiter = 5, Saturn = 6, Uranus = 7, Neptune = 8, Pluto = 9, Chiron = 10, Lilith = 11, ...)
collect_text Set to true if you want to retrieve the texts, false if you only want calculation
showLogo If true, shows the AstroAPI logo in the PDF. If false, the logo is hidden.
showNotes If true, a notes section is added at the end of the PDF. If false, the notes section is hidden.