The AstroAPI provides Western astrological information of a person or event based on (birth)date, (birth)time and (birth)place using the Placidus, Koch and Meridian house systems. Hereby it calculates the position of the astronomical objects (planets, moons, ...) in our solar system in relation to the geographical position on earth at that exact date and time.

From the astronomical information that is gathered by the calculation, the AstroAPI is capable of creating a unique full astrological profile and horoscope for the person or event. A horoscope generated by the AstroAPI is a full astrological profile, meaning it features not only the zodiac signs but also Planets in Signs, Planets in Houses, Transits and much more.

The AstroAPI created by Matthias and Eva Vanooteghem at the behest of Bloom, the reference in astrology & modern spirituality in Belgium and the Netherlands.